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For over 60 years Auction news has been connecting bidders to auctions held by respected, established and well  trusted agricultural, plant, machinery and equipment auctioneers. This diverse ability is why we are the number 1 auction gateway in the UK.

The Auction News team provide our clientele with access to a broad range of available auctions including agricultural auctions, tractor auctions, trailer auctions, farm auctions and much more. These industry specific auctions offer a variety of equipment such as plant equipment, milking equipment, irrigation equipment, forestry equipment, dumper trucks, farm vehicles, cultivation equipment, tractors, combine harvesters and a whole host of other specialised tooling.

Our in-house team dedicate themselves to working with professional auctioneers throughout the UK that specialise in the sale of farming equipment, agricultural equipment, plant machinery and industrial vehicles. Our clientele includes companies such as:

  • TSA - Thainstone Specialist Auctions (part of the AMN Group) are highly experienced with professional industry knowledge and provide detailed appraisal, valuation and sale of your assets across the UK. With eight auctions per annum, TSA specialise in acquisition and sale of heavy commercial vehicles, tractors, agricultural machinery and much more
  • T&S – Thimbleby & Shorland offer a broad range of specialised equipment for the agricultural, plant and rural industries. The company hold regular auctions which include assets such as excavators, dumpers, trailers, tractors, cultivation equipment and much more
  • Wright Marshalls Auctioneers – With a centrally located auction market situated at Beeston Castle, Wright Marshalls Auctioneers are one of the country’s leading rural auctioneering companies. Every month the company offers a large machinery auction that contains contractors’ equipment, agricultural vehicles and much more.
  • Cheffins – Every month Cheffins hosts the largest machinery and plant sale auction in the world at their bespoke salesground in Cambridgeshire. A typical auction will contain approximately 3000 lots with assets ranging from tractors, trailers and construction equipment to farm machinery, dumpers, cultivation equipment and much more
  • Clarke & Simpson – Since the later 1980’s, the company has built a strong reputation as a leading regional auctioneer for agricultural machinery and equipment including tractors, combine harvesters, cultivation equipment, and much more
  • Halls – With two dedicated auctioneering sites, Halls offers bespoke agricultural, rural, farming and plant auctions throughout the year with over 800 lots at each sale. Prospective buyers attend from all over Europe with equipment tractors, cultivation equipment, harvesting tools, plant and livestock equipment all available

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In the UK, the agricultural industry is worth nearly £10billion annually to the country’s economy and utilises 69% of the total land area of the island nations. Employing 1.5% of the country’s population, in total the agricultural industry produces nearly 60% of the food that the UK consumes.

Whilst agricultural activities occur on most rural location, the majority of the UK’s industry is based in East Anglia and the South west, producing crops and livestock respectively. In total there are over 210,000 farms in the UK with an average size of 81 hectares (actual sizes range from around 20 to over 100 hectares).

The agricultural industry within the UK is vast, containing over 30million sheep, nearly 5million pigs and 1.9million dairy cows. This intense amount of livestock means farmers are now investing in newer, more modern equipment to maintain the industry flow. With numerous agricultural auctions being conducted on a monthly basis, customers now have access to affordable resources such as tractors, trailers, combine harvesters, cultivators, milking equipment, plant equipment and various other farming machinery.

When you register and use Auction News you have immediate access to over 100 live auctions at any given time and because we’re completely independent and separate from all auctioneers and auction houses, all the information is on hand, exactly where you need it to be!

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Thainstone Specialist AuctionsWright Marshall AuctioneersThimbleby & ShorlandClarke & SimpsonCheffinsHalls Holdings LtdImage HTML map generator


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