Electronic Assembly Test & Support Equipment

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  • Ends 16/02/2017
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By Appointment only (48 hours advanced noticed required)

  • ACE Environmental Chamber with J and E Hall 752 Generator
  • BTU Ltd Pyramax 100A Oven
  • Genie Boom Lift
  • Hilo Test CDN 414 Coupling Decoupling Network with Hilo Test CWG 4 100 Combination Wave Generator
  • Mawdsleys LTD D.C. Generator
  • Nutek MIC0710LL PC Single Magazine Line Loader
  • Nutek NTE0220DSL Economical Destaker
  • Nutek NTM110PL Pusher Conveyor - Chain Edge Rail
  • Nutek PTE LTD NTM110ULL Multi magazine Line Unloader
  • Speed Print Technology SP710AVI Screen Printer
  • Tektronix TDS5104B Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope
  • Zevatech FS750, Service Mount Plate Machine with 2 Stainless Steel Plate Feeders

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