Inspection & Calibration Equipment

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  • Ends 27/04/2017
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Viewing: Tuesday 25 April 2017, 9.30am - 4.00pm
  • Carl Zeiss Model UMC 8505 co-ordinate measuring machine
  • Brown & Sharpe 'Validation' co-ordinate measuring machine
  • OGP Smartscope CNC500 automatic measuring system
  • Baty Model V1U CNC 3030 3D automated inspection system
  • OPS Inc Smartscope 250ZIP automatic video measuring system
  • OGP Inc. Smartscope MVP250P automatic CNC measuring system
  • Baty International R600 XL shadowgraph projector with Quadra-check 200 DRO unit
  • Baty Shadowmaster R770 shadowgraph projector with Quadra-check 200 DRO unit
  • Trimos 'Mestra Touch' Type MT1000 MO height gauge
  • Trimos Type TVM001 mini vertical sylvac system
  • Sigma Model 201-16 hardness testing machine
  • Mitutoyo HDS G40 digimatic height gauge
  • Burgess Bench top bandsaw
  • Granite bed inspection table, 915 x 605mm with calibration meters and Kent Taylor TH 105 circular chart recorder
  • Crown granite inspection table, 2430 x 1830mm
  • Baty Granite bed inspection table, 1600 x 1420mm with Perspex top
  • Steel block calibration table, 1830 x 600mm
  • Hewlett Packard DesignJet500 plotter/printer
  • 3 assorted granite surface blocks and a quantity of V blocks
  • 2 Bowers XT bore gauges, 10-20mm and 6-10mm  
  • And much more.
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