Upcoming Marine & Air Transport Auctions

If you’ve been looking for a used boat auction near you, your search ends today! Auction News is the leading online auction platform, hosting auctions from a wide array of professional marine and air transport auctioneers. 

We can help amateur and practiced bidders alike find all sorts of used and sometimes even new  boats and aircraft that fall within their budget. On the flip side, we offer all our auctioneers easy access to a seamless and credible auction platform and a wealth of interested buyers, ready and waiting to bid. 

Professional Marine & Air Transport Auctioneers with Exciting Auction Products  

Auction News is proud to work with the most credible and professional marine and air transport auctioneers so that our subscribers get access to the finest products out there without the hassle. 

We regularly host auctions that feature used and transportation products at affordable prices. Here is an overview of some of the products that you can expect to find on our interactive platform for marine and aviation auctions in the UK:

  • Fishing Boats, Speed Boats, Trawler Boats, House Boats, Luxury Cruisers, etc. 
  • Sailing Yachts, Fishing Yachts, Hybrid Yachts, Open Yachts, Dinghies, etc. 
  • Barges, Canal Boats, Narrowboats, etc.
  • Jet Skis by Yamaha, Kawasaki, Sea-Doo, Gibbs, etc. 
  • Light Aircraft inc. Piper, Beechcraft, Gulfstream, Cessna, Socata, etc. 
  • Gliders, Hot Air Balloons, Helicopters, etc. 

Why Choose Auction News

If you’re wondering why you should turn to auction news, the fact is that no one offers a better platform with recycled marine transport and used aircraft auctions! Our vast industry experience that spans more than 60 years allows us to cater to the needs of more than 30,000 auction-hungry subscribers. 

Moreover, what helps us beat our competition is our commitment to our customers. We are a family-owned business with a dedicated staff that will do everything in its power to help you find the right solution to meet your aviation and marine transportation requirements. Our bidding process is intuitive and convenient, which makes it easier for you to browse our vast collection of auctions and bid on the products you are looking to buy.

What’s more, we make sure we take care of our auctioneers by facilitating them with an all-in-one auction solution that includes highly targeted and effective auction marketing, bid hosting and post-sale management with a fully integrated financial package for generating invoices and vendor statements. For further details visit our dedicated website: bidsmartsolutions.com

Auction News takes great pride in having an adaptable, quick-thinking team that is ready to roll with the changing trends of the UK auction industry. We do everything we can  to ensure that our bidders get quick and easy access to the most coveted boat and aircraft auctions in the country. 

So, if you’re looking to source the best used aircraft and boat auctions in the UK, browse our auctions now  to find the product you desire. If you want to learn more about our platform and how you can bid on the auction products, email our team at info@auctionnews.com. We will do our utmost to answer all your queries and concerns promptly and diligently.

And if you can’t find the lot you’re after right now, Create an Account and enter your keywords to be notified the minute an auction with matching keywords is added to our site!

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