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Welcome to the UK’s number 1 auction listing site, brought to you by Auction News. For over six decades we have been connecting bidders to auctions held by respected and established construction auctioneers located throughout mainland Britain and beyond.

Here at Auction News we can provide all of our clientele access to a broad range of auctions which include construction equipment, plant machinery, landscaping equipment and much more. So it doesn’t matter if you’re starting up a new garden maintenance business or looking to begin industrial levels of excavation, the Auction News team can guide you to the right place!

Our trusted and dedicated team work in conjunction with a broad range of construction auctioneers whose specialities are rooted within the UK construction industry as well as the acquisition and sale of heavy equipment with our clientele including companies such as:

  • TSA Auctioneers & Valuers – With over 3000 lots available throughout the year, Thainstone Specialist Auctions are one of the UK’s leading auctioneers of excavators, tractors & various other agricultural machinery and construction equipment
  • Morris Leslie – Operating from 15 locations positioned around the country, Morris Leslie offers a global import/export package for over 40 countries that allows their clientele and potential bidders to access the available assets as quickly as possible
  • Wilsons Auctions – With plant machinery auctions running every two weeks, Wilsons Auctions provides easy access to a broad range of construction equipment and vehicles including farm machinery, dumpers, cranes, excavators, diggers and much more!
  • Hilco Global – Having sold over $5billion worth of assets in over 50 countries, Hilco Global are one of the leading auction authorities when it comes to industrial machinery, construction equipment and other specialised tooling
  • T&S – Thimbleby & Shorland offer all of their buying customers the chance to bid on construction auctions for a varying array of equipment and tools including excavators, fork lifts, dumpers, trailers, general construction tools and various other plant equipment.
The construction industry within the UK is worth over £100billion annually to the country’s economy. As well as forming a significant contribution to UK’s GPD, the construction industry also employs 2.1million people with the majority working in the housing and infrastructure sectors.

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Contrary to popular belief that the UK’s construction industry has become redundant, there are over 2000 active mines, quarries and offshore drilling sites with the UK’s jurisdiction. These active operations provide over 35,000 jobs and cultivate over £30billion every year.

With the construction industry heavily engaged in mining, refining and production of raw materials as well as constructing buildings, houses and industrial facilities, construction auctions have become even more important with projects such as The Drakelands mine (formally the Hemerdon mine) being reopened and which constitutes the 4th largest reserve of Tungsten in the world.

The construction industry is also incredibly vital to almost every other industry sector. For instance every year the UK produces:
  • Nearly 90million tonnes of fossil fuel that provides power to our homes, businesses and motor vehicles
  • Over 50million tonnes of sand  which is used in concrete and building foundations
  • 4million tonnes of Silica which is used in structural materials, microelectronics and as components in the food and pharmaceutical sectors
  • Over 80million tonnes of crushed rock which is used in the road construction, asphalt, concrete and is even used as ballast
  • And around 40kg of gold which is used in jewellery, electronics and aerospace industries
Each of these examples require dedicated construction equipment and with the assistance of Auction News you can access exactly what you need, when you need it!

When you register and use Auction News you have immediate access to over 100 live auctions at any given time and because we’re completely independent and separate from all auctioneers and auction houses, all the information is on hand, exactly where you need it to be!

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