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Auction News is the UK’s number 1 auction gateway, listing numerous auctions dedicated to the catering and food production industry. For over 60 years we have been connecting bidders to auctions held by respected, professional and established catering and food production auctioneers throughout the UK.

Here at Auction News we can provide you with access to a broad range of auctions such as catering auctions, food machinery, commercial catering equipment, industrial freezer auctions, food processing equipment, restaurant equipment, meat processing equipment and much more! So it doesn’t matter if you’re looking start up your own restaurant or develop a food processing business, Auction News always has you covered.

Our dedicated team members work with a wide variety of auctioneers who specialise in catering and food processing equipment including used catering equipment, commercial refrigerator auctions and general catering auctions with our clientele including:

  • Pro Auctions Ltd – With offices in London and Bath and working closely with their customers, Pro Auction Ltd have become one of Europe’s industry leading auctioneers within the catering and food processing markets. With a full complement of dedicated and knowledgeable staff, Pro Auctions Ltd has a proven year on year increase of equipment sales
  • W&H Peacocks auctioneers & valuers – Founded in 1901, W&H Peacocks operates from two prime locations in Bedford and St Neots. The wide breath of W&H Peacocks asset acquisition make them perfect when auctioning off catering and food processing equipment such as refrigerators and kitchen appliances
  • Hilditch Group Ltd – With over 20 years’ experience in selling catering equipment, Hilditch Group Ltd are a leading source of high quality catering equipment from a range of sources including pubs, hotels and restaurants with a vast selection of assets all available for auction such as refrigerators, coffee machines, freezers, microwaves and other selected ‘kitchenalia’.
  • Food machinery 2000 – A family run business, Food machinery 2000 specialise in the auctioneering of top quality food processing and packaging equipment such as bakery equipment, cheese & diary equipment, meat processing equipment and much more!
  • Clarke Fussells – Also known as CF, Clarke Fussells provide a diverse range of services to the food processing industry, offering unrivalled expertise in the market sector and reinforcing their stance as a leading specialist. At their auctions you can purchase a selection of food processing equipment used with meat, vegetables, fish, baked good, confectionaries and much more.

Pro Auction LimitedHilditch Group LtdFood Machinery 2000W&H Peacock auctioneers & valuersClarke Fussells auctioneers & brokers


Within the UK, the catering and food processing industries form a key backbone to almost every branch of our society. Without either of these market sectors there would be no food produced for the nation and no assistance during events, no staff at businesses such as hotels and restaurants with nearly 4million people being employed within the food and drink sector alone.

In 2014 the UK consumer market spent a combined total of £198billion on all food, drink and catering related products. This vast amount of spending has reinforced the necessity for top quality equipment to be available for all businesses – such as the options available from our clientele. Export also adds an extra dimension to food production industry with £18billion worth of food and drink being exported to over 200 countries around the world including the Republic of Ireland, the USA, France, Germany and Holland.

The UK’s ability to produce food and drink is vast, which is in no doubt down to availability of high quality equipment that can be purchased both brand new and via auction.

From data gathered in 2014 there are two staggering facts which stand out with regards to food production:
  • We produced over 11.5billion eggs – which is enough to give every man, woman and child in the UK 177 eggs.....EACH!
  • During the same period we also produced over 14billion litres of milk for the catering, diary and general consumption markets, which is enough to completely fill the Boeing factory in the United States, The O2 arena in London (formerly the Millennium Dome) 4 times or Halls 1-4 at the NEC arena in Birmingham – 13 times!
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