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For over 60 years Auction News has been connecting bidders to auctions held by respected and established IT equipment and office equipment auctioneers – making us the UK’s number one auction gateway.

Here at Auction News our dedicated and knowledgeable team help provide our clientele with access to a broad range of auctions within the IT and office equipment sectors including office equipment auctions, IT equipment auctions, IT sales, office furniture sales, network equipment, furniture sales, Apple auctions and much more! The auctions we have available can be very diverse offering computers for sale, printing machines, laptops for sale and even Apple iPad’s.

Our in-house ‘Auction News Team’ have dedicated themselves to working with professional auctioneers located throughout the UK which specialise in the auctioneering of desktop PC’s, tablets, laptops, networking equipment, office furniture, desks, chairs and much more with our auctioneers including companies such as:

  • George Hazell & Co - Based in Thetford, Norfolk, George Hazell & Co cover the whole of East Anglia and the South East (including London) handling the disposal of IT and office equipment to UK and internationally based customers.

  • Sanderson Weatherall – An independently owned practice, Sanderson Weatherhall are an award winning business with offices located throughout the UK in Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, London and more!

  • Walker Singleton – Founded in the late 19th century, Walker Singleton are recognised as one of the leading figures in their professional fields due to their market knowledge, industry experience and comprehensive service.

  • GA Global Partners – Formed in 1997 as Cowan Alexander, CA Global Partners are a global business providing capital solutions to industry leading companies in the technology and finance sectors via conventional auctions and private treaties.
Sanderson Weatherall AuctioneersWalker Singleton Chartered SurveyorsGeorge Hazell & Co.GA Global Partners


The digital age has helped shape and form the 21st century and constitutes one of the structural pillars to which society needs to function. Almost every office, every business and every person has an electrical device from which they go online either for business or personal uses.

By 2015 there were an estimated 2billion PC’s in use worldwide. Between 2002 and 2007 it is estimated that over a billion computers were produced for the world’s consumer market. Even today in 2017 there are nearly 200m computers sold annually. This vast amount of retail sales has formed a niche market within IT equipment auctions as large quantities of ready to use and high quality stock are regularly auctioned off due to regular contracted upgrade plans.

The market has also seen a huge shift to more mobile forms of IT equipment such as tablets. Products such as the Apple iPad offer both business and social users a mobile computer without the comprise of a mobile phone screen. In the UK for example, it is estimated that over 50% of the population own and use a tablet device and by 2019 this figure will have grown to 59.8% (40.2m tablet devices).

It isn’t just IT equipment though with office furniture and supplies such as desks, chairs, cabinets, printers and networking machines also being in demand. In the UK, businesses spend on average £9m a year disposing of unwanted desks – yet, through disposal methods such as auctions, companies were able to save over £8m by reusing the unwanted items with desks on average yielding revenue of around the £80 mark. Some 200,000 desks are reused in this manner every year.

With office chairs the pattern continues, nearly 300,000 office chair are reused every year as companies have a more economical choice instead of purchasing more expensive replacement items. All of this reuse equates to over 200,000 tonnes of office furniture being sold in the UK every year – which is the equivalent of 2 US Navy aircraft carriers!

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