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Here at Auction News you have access to the UK’s number 1 auction listing site. We have been connecting our bidders to respected manufacturing auctioneers for over half a century, with our clientele having access to numerous industry auctions that are available at any given time.

Here at auction news we can provide you with the chance to enter manufacturing auctions, industrial auctions, hand tool auctions and even CNC machine auctions held across the country at various auctioneering sites.

This means it doesn’t matter if you’re looking to upgrade your DIY tool collections or fit out an entire workshop with the latest machinery, the Auction News team can always help guide you.

The Auction News team work alongside a broad range of auctioneers who's speciality lies in the acquisition and selling of CNC machinery, general fabrication machinery, lifting gear, milling machines, grinders, drills, woodworking tools, welders, honing machines, shipping containers, workwear, safety equipment and much more with our list of current clientele including names such as:
  • Apex Auctions - With past projects ranging from £50,000 to over £3million, Apex Auctions have worked with some of the globes largest corporations with their clientele including the likes of Rolls-Royce, Harland & Wollf, Snap-on, JP Morgan Chase, Hitachi and many others
  • CJM Asset Management - Offering buyers the chance to inspect assets at both the client’s location and/or their own ‘Auction Centre’, CJM provide access to auctions containing woodworking tools, metalworking equipment, garage kit and workshop tools as well as various other manufacturing equipment. CJM also have specialised auctions that offer the buyers more dedicated items such as chemical plant, CNC machines, injection moulding tools, mechanical presses and much more
  • Cottrill & Co - Specialists in the acquisition and sale of heavy manufacturing equipment such as metalworking machinery, CNC equipment, milling machines and much more
  • Lambert Smith Hampton - Founded in 1773 and operating out of 31 locations situated across the UK and Ireland, LSH is one of the UK's leading companies for industrial plant and machinery auctioneers
  • Peaker Pattinson - Packing over half a century of industrial knowledge, Peaker Pattison have managed some of the largest factory clear-outs in Europe including a broad range of manufacturing, plant, farm and industrial equipment
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The UK currently sports the ninth largest manufacturing industry in the world, being situated in front of other heavy weight nations such as Russia, Brazil and Mexico. The manufacturing industry within the UK employs in excess of 2.7million people across a broad range of specialised production fields including defence, nuclear, automotive, construction, plastic, steel and even the space industry.

This means that the UK manufacturing industry contributes £213billion into the economy every single year whilst accounting for 45% of the country’s total exports. When analysing the manufacturing sector it’s not difficult to see why auctions containing manufacturing, industrial and plant equipment are so popular. Within the UK, the aerospace manufacturing sector has over a decade’s worth of work currently on the books (this equates to over 13,000 aircraft), in the defence sector BAE employs over 40,000 people and in plastic manufacturing the UK produces over 4.5million tonnes annually from either direct or recycled methods.

When you register and use Auction News you have immediate access to over 100 live auctions at any given time and because we’re completely independent and separate from all auctioneers and auction houses, all the information is on hand, exactly where you need it to be!

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