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Auction News is the number 1 auction listing site in the UK. We have been connecting bidders to auction held by respected and established vehicle and motor trade auctioneers for over 60 years.

Here at Auction News we have access to MOD auctions where you can purchase surplus Ministry of Defence vehicles, caravan auctions to obtain your new family holiday home and even police auctions where vehicle fleets are replaced and auctioned off to the public.

Our trusted and dedicated team work with a broad range of auctioneers specialising in the auctions of cars, vans, buses, motorbikes, HGV’s and other commercial vehicles. Our clientele includes companies such as:
  • John Pye Vehicles – Over 16,000 cars are auctioned off through John Pye’s dedicated network of over 20 auction sites every year. John Pye offers a broad selection of motor vehicles ranging from cars, motorbikes, vans and trucks all the way to high end exotica and even Formula 1 racing cars.
  • CVA (Commercial Vehicle Auctions) – Auctioneers of light and heavy commercial vehicles, plant and equipment from their site in Doncaster, South Yorkshire
  • TSA (Thainstone Specialist Auctions) – With over 250 cars available every week, TSA also have specialised commercial and 4x4 vehicle auctions
  • Burnley Auctioneers – specialists in the acquisition and disposal of commercial vehicles, construction machines, plant and machinery and agricultural equipment
  • Wilsons – The UK and Ireland’s largest independent auction house with over 1000 auctions annually consisting of a broad range of vehicles including cars, vans and high end luxury vehicles
  • Malcolm Harrison Auctioneers – specialists in the acquisition and sales of heavy goods vehicles, minibuses, coaches and construction machinery including diggers, loaders and cranes
  • Truck and Plant Asset Management – If you need multi-axle trailers, bin lorries, HGV’s, forklifts and commercial vans the T&A Asset Management will always have you covered

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Every year there are over 1.5million vehicles sold via auction in the UK, of which 1.3million are cars. That’s 43% of the total wholesale mark in the country with the UK auction industry employing over 8500 people throughout the country.

Within the UK there are over 100 vehicle auction sites and currently a staggering 90% of all vehicles sold are purchased by businesses with the other 10% being absorbed by the private market. Within the business sector of the auction industry, retail car dealers dispose of over 750,000 vehicles annually through auction sites. This allows a range of companies within the vehicle auction industry to have over 10,000 vehicles on hand to sell at any one time.

When you register and use Auction News you have immediate access to over 100 live auctions at any given time and because we’re completely independent and separate from all auctioneers and auction houses, all the information is on hand, exactly where you need it to be!

To find out more about our registration process or if you’d like to sign up for premium membership simply follow the highlighted links. If you still have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us and one of the Auction News team will be on hand to help you.


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