Connect UK Auctions Hit the Realtime

20th February 2020

Connect UK Auctions launch live bidding auction called Connect Realtime©

Connect UK hosted its first ‘QVC styled’ property auction on Friday 14th February at the Holiday Inn Gatwick. The company is the only UK auction house that allows buyers to bid for lots remotely via the pioneering Connect Realtime© platform. 

Over the coming months Connect UK will host a monthly traditional auction, whilst the Connect Realtime© auction will be presented to hundreds of thousands of potential bidders who have logged on each month. “Your property will be marketed to thousands of potential buyers across the UK and worldwide, resulting in the highest price in the room,” said Robert Jenkins, Director of Connect UK Auctions. “We have the presence, expertise and can offer resources no other property auctioneer can”.  Find out more about ‘live bidding’ here: INTERACTIVE AUCTIONS

Connect UK accepts bids in the room, over the telephone, and thanks to the cutting edge Connect Realtime© platform, bidders who have pre-registered can also watch and place bids online during the auction. To optimise participation, Connect UK Auctions take place between 1-2pm allowing people on their lunch hour to place bids.

Adam Partridge added: “I am extremely excited to move forward with the times as Connect UK introduce the Connect Realtime© platform. The concept is great and the live streamed auction was really exciting. I believe this is really the start of something wonderful”.

For more information Contact: Peter Courtney-Fitch - Tel: 01293 528575 – Email: or visit:

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