DVLA’s fifth Timed auction of 2020 held by British Car Auctions Limited.

27th August 2020

DVLA’s annual personalised registrations auction programme continues with a 7-day online Timed auction starting on Wednesday 2nd September. 1,250 highly sought after, previously unissued vehicle registration numbers (many following direct requests from members of the public) are available with reserves starting from £250*. Auctions are open to all bidders, both trade and general public and there is no charge to register.

The full list of registrations is now on view so please follow this link to search for something of interest: www.dvlatimedauction.co.uk

On this site, a free, 44 page PDF catalogue can be downloaded and a short “How To Bid” video can be viewed giving hints and tips.

Bids will only be accepted from 10.00am on Wednesday 2nd September 2020 until the End Time as shown on the website on Tuesday 8th September 2020.

Bidding Instructions

The auction is run on the basis of “Maximum Bids” which means you could win your registration for the reserve price (plus additional fees*) if no one bids against you, no matter what the value of your Maximum Bid. Bids increase in £10 amounts. We also have “Sliding End Times”. This means if there is any bidding activity in the last 30 minutes before the end time, the end time will slide back to give everyone a fair chance of winning the lot. For more information on “Maximum Bids” and “Sliding End Times” please visit the website.

The auction comprises dateless, old-style and new-style formats, including 18 of the very highly sought-after “1” registrations with three initials. Here are some examples:

Name Related

  • JA11 CKO             £400
  • SA07 LLY             £400

Supercar Related

  • RED 250F             £250
  • 911 UD                £2,200

Vehicle Related

  • 91 JAG                  £1,200
  • T355 SLA             £250

Number 1s

  • ASZ 1                    £2,000
  • 1 OEO                  £2,400

Business Related

  • 10 HUT                £1,200
  • 5 RUG                  £1,200

Novelty Registrations

  • OC70 BER            £700
  • 111 TOY               £1,200

Dateless “Cover” Registrations

  • 3 HXO                   £400
  • 45 S                      £2,500

To view all of the registrations on offer please visit www.dvlatimedauction.co.uk.

For more information, please call 0300 123 3400 or 0300 123 3500 or email timed@dvlaauction.co.uk 

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