Fort Paull Auction | Gilbert Baitson

10th September 2020

Gilbert Baitson’s are proud and privileged to be offered the opportunity to offer for sale the exhibits and artifacts at this East Yorkshire tourist attraction Fort Paull.

Fort Paull was a gun battery situated on the north bank of the Humber, near the village of Paull on the outskirts of Kingston-Upon-Hull. In 1960 the fort was released and sold by the ministry of defence and in the year 2000 the Friends of Fort Paull opened its doors to the public as a popular not for profit tourist attraction.

Fort Paull is the only fully intact Napoleonic Fortress in the North of England. Covering approximately 10 acres, this Museum is full of Underground tunnels, rooms, and fantastic exhibits. Fort Paull houses a waxwork museum showing lifelike figures as displayed in the Former Friargate Waxwork Museum, which have influenced the fort's long history dating back to Tudor times as well as the only remaining XB259 Blackburn Beverley C1 Heavy Transport aircraft in the world. Other lots include Hawker Hunter Jet Fighter, 1917 Anti-Zeppelin Triplane (replica), Bulldog T MK1 Cockpit, Cold War Berliner Dining Car, 3.7 Anti-Aircraft Artillery, Russian and British Tanks Turrets, Marmon Herrington MKIV Armoured Car, Little Nelly Reliance Petrol Truck 1942, 2 x 25 Pounder Field Guns, 12-Pounder Long Guns, Deactivated Guns including Vickers, Breda and Bren Machine Guns, Browning M2 AK47 50Cal, Enfield and Other Rifles and Other Light Machine Guns, A Vast Collection of Original WWII and Other Vehicle Manuals, A Replica Set of The Crown Jewels with Royal Family and Guardsmen, Salt Cellar Fashioned from what is believed to be Charles I Vertebra, a Collection of Uniforms from Throughout the Ages, Architectural Salvage, Bouncy Castles, Bar Equipment and Much More…

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