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24th September 2020


A fake is usually sold for a very low price and designed to look like the genuine version but doesn’t operate the way a luxury watch would. Counterfeits are made to look, feel and operate like the real deal and can go for as much money. They have become increasingly sophisticated, and if you don’t know what to look for, you can be easily fooled.

Follow our tips below to help you determine what you’re thinking of purchasing is all it should be:


These are the functions that exist in addition to actually telling the time. One of the first things you can do is test this function. If you have a chronograph, for example, examine the complication and see whether that runs smooth, if it’s jumpy it could indicate that perhaps the date function of a movement has been repurposed to act as a chronograph.


Luxury watches use the finest materials as you would expect, counterfeits will not. While it may seem the same, take a close look and if it appears poor you should get it checked and have the back opened up and adequately inspected. Counterfeit clasps are often stamped instead of machined and will close differently to a properly made one. A professional will be able to feel the difference clearly when it’s in their hands. The glass is almost always sapphire crystal and will be completely clear with no tint to it. If you see a tint in your glass, there is a chance the watch may not be authentic.


Each timepiece comes with a serial number which is worth typing into a search engine. You can even search for “fake” or “aftermarket” versions of the watch you own, and if it is counterfeit, you will probably see the same model of watch bearing the same serial number. These watchmakers surprisingly often use the same serial number on their creations. You can also ask a watch outlet to search a database of watch serial numbers which will highlight any stolen or counterfeit watches on record.


Finding a trusted seller is vital, so make sure you are only buying from a secure source. Here at William George, we have vendors of luxury watches who have been selling with us for years. We protect your funds when purchasing until you have got what you have paid for, leaving you with the ability to shop with confidence. This makes buying your luxury timepiece less daunting and more exciting!

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