The UK’s 1st ‘interactive’ Property Auction

14th January 2021

You can book a holiday, apply for a job and even open a bank account using your phone. So why not buy and sell property, from any corner of the world in Realtime? 

Connect Realtime© has allowed one to bid on any lot, as the auction unfolds, live, in real-time. Viewers can watch every auction, from their chosen device, streamed directly from our website and bid against other buyers at their convenience.  

The UK’s 1st ‘interactive’ auction. 

Sellers, rest assured that your buyer can get to the auction room, anytime, anywhere, via Connect Realtime.

“As a company, we have seen an enormous rise in the popularity of both residential and commercial properties selling at auction.”  - CEO of Connect UK Auctions, Zad Siadatan.

The belief that a property is sold at auction only if it is distressed is no longer the case. Clients are now driven by the need for convenience and time saving, which is supplied through property auctions. Selling through an estate agent can involve very lengthy and complicated chains. In Q3 of 2020 we saw 50% of property sales fall through. Auctions eliminate this risk.

Buy and sell property with confidence, today.

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