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25th November 2021

Health crisis, climate crisis and fair treatment of employees, customers and business partners - corporate responsibility is more in demand today than ever before. Surplex UK faces up to the social and ecological challenges of the present and is convinced that long-term economic success requires a clear foundation of values. 

Responsibility is the most important resource in a vulnerable world. The coronavirus crisis has clearly shown this: only if everyone takes care of each other will everyone be protected from contagion. The responsibility of an organisation like Surplex exceeds the obligations of individuals many times over. After all, the used machinery trade is a global business involving countless people around the globe. A commitment that extends not only to around 200 employees in 14 European countries. It also includes customers and external service providers worldwide. 

Creative against the crisis

During the height of the pandemic Surplex had to adapt to new challenges. Through innovative web features (e.g., 3D factory tours) the number of on-site appointments for customers were brought to a minimum. And with everything organised by a single source, buyers and sellers did not have to appear personally on site either for the dismantling of large machines or for the closure of complete industrial plants. But with the pandemic seeming to slowly subside, the ecological challenges of the present are becoming more acute: climate change, resource scarcity, landscape destruction, loss of biodiversity, marine pollution, water shortages, deforestation of the rainforest - the list could be extended.

On the way to a circular economy

Surplex is pursuing an ecologically attractive business model. The economy of the future will not only be CO2 neutral, but also a circular economy. At the moment, more and more people are consuming more and more resources. In a circular economy, products are instead manufactured in the most environmentally friendly way possible, used for as long as possible and recycled as completely as possible. Surplex UK is already making a valuable contribution to this today.

Global machine trade - the planet wins too

Every second-hand machine auctioned on saves considerable amounts of CO2 and raw materials compared to new production. With around 55,000 industrial goods going under the hammer every year, this is a considerable sustainability factor! Less is scrapped and more is reused. Surplex even brings new life into old machines. Because on the world market there is a sensible use for every make. In this way, Surplex helps buyers and sellers to achieve their own sustainability goals. The more carefully sales are prepared and handled, the more trips around the globe - and thus CO2 emissions - can be avoided. Once again, the pattern of a win-win situation emerges. Creative, conscious and responsible action not only benefits the customers, but also the ecosystem! 

The still young team in the UK is ready to face the modern challenges of the market and to actively shape it. Simon Peacock, Shane Greveson and Alexander Robinson have many years of experience in the machinery market and know exactly what problems and needs their customers have. Together, they are expanding the machinery market in the UK and provide competent solutions from a single source. A start-to-end service, from the initial consultation to the shipment of the machines.

The team of Surplex UK wants to face the future challenges for the economy and help their customers to act sustainable and future-oriented. 

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