Twitter UK finds sustainability with NCM Auctions

16th December 2021

The Yorkshire-based auctioneers are working with Twitter UK to deliver a sustainable asset disposal channel for their London offices.

As part of a refurbishment of their UK headquarters, tech giant Twitter has engaged the services of NCM Auctions to manage the disposal of surplus office furniture, catering appliances and equipment from their Soho offices. A proud disruptor in the auction industry, NCM Auctions has an established track record for delivering sustainable and environmentally sound asset management and disposable services across all sectors, from engineering and manufacturing to education and real estate, technology, hospitality and the public sector.

After an initial meeting to discuss Twitter UK’s objectives, NCM demonstrated how they would provide a complete end-to-end solution for the time-sensitive project. To remove and auction the surplus assets, maximise revenue for Twitter, while generating significant and demonstrable benefits for the environment and community.

Andy Smith, Executive Director, praised Twitter for the progressive approach: “Wrongly, many clients believe a sustainable approach comes with more cost, time and complexity. But with many of our projects, it’s usually self-funding, and we still achieve maximum revenue for assets at auction. Financial return with the combined CSR benefits is a win for every organisation and helps drive the circular economy – it’s great to see Twitter taking this approach, and we’re hopeful this project will lead to many more like it.”

Emma McSkelly, CEO and Founder of NCM, added: “As a company, we’re excited to be working with the Twitter UK team and see such a big  corporate client understanding the difference we can make by offering a disposal method that returns revenue while doing the right thing for the environment and community.”

Twitter UK’s auction is live now and bidding ends 14 January 2022.

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