Asset Realisation Services hold Outstanding Classic Car and Motorcycle Sale

23rd March 2022

Now LIVE for viewing

On Sunday 3rd April there is a fantastic new classic vehicle sale being held in Sollom, just outside Preston in the North West.

“We held several car sales last year and the response we received was amazing”, explains Nathan Richardson, Director at Asset Realisation Services. “We always try to include a mix of makes, models and conditions and have found that our projects are just as popular as the drive away classics!”

The catalogue contains classic Ford Escorts, Cortinas and even a Cosworth Sierra, alongside, a beautiful classic Ducati, Jaguars, Minis, Land Rovers, Mercedes, BMWs, Opel Mantas and a super stylish Bentley Turbo!  

“This is a step up for us in terms of quality stock” says Nathan. "After our huge Barn Find Sale last time out which was fabulous by the way, we’ve consciously added better quality to the catalogue this time instead - quality over quantity as they say!"

Every sale is available to view in advance online at and now covid restrictions have been lifted, there have been huge crowds attending in person too, keen to see the stock for themselves and bid live in the auction room. To attend and bid on any item, bidders need to register online in advance to ensure the auctions run smoothly and to eliminate any time wasters.

“Although anyone can bid if they register, and we welcome everyone, we are keen to ensure that our bidders are legitimate, and we want to avoid anyone making false bids or preventing serious bidders from being successful” explains `Nathan.

Asset Realisation Services are emerging as serious destination for classic car auctions in the UK. Their professional online and auction hall sales are gaining huge popularity with professional garages, collectors and amateur enthusiasts. The catalogues always contain a huge mix of vehicles and even some agricultural options too. Bidders are welcome to view the catalogue in advance by appointment and can see the stock and follow the auction live online too. This is the first sale planned for 2022, with several more planned throughout the rest of the year. 

As well as vehicles, the team are regularly hosting sales for industrial equipment, power tools, agricultural machinery and construction equipment. Their website and social media feeds are used to promote their sales or you can join their mailing list at

To attend the sale or bid online register at, call +44 1772 696 500 or email

Sale starts 10am Sunday 3rd April

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