Sanderson Weatherall instructed to sell Animatronic Dinosaurs and other equipment from various successful events

24th November 2022

Sanderson Weatherall are delighted to be working with LeedsBID to offer for by online auction a collection of animatronic dinosaurs and other events equipment following the completion of several highly successful campaigns. 

Following the recent completion of their highly successful Jurassic Trail which saw the animatronic dinosaurs being displayed around Leeds City Centre. The collection of eleven animatronic dinosaurs which were purchased new in 2022 from Only Dinosaurs includes a 15m long Tyrannosaurus, 10m long Ruyangosaurus, 6.8m high Brachiosaurus, 4m long Dilophosaurus, 2m long juvenile Triceratops, 5.7m long Stegosaurus, 7.9m long Baryonyx, 4.6m long Nasutoceratops, 9.8m long Amargasaurus, 5.3m long Parasaurolophus and 3.8m long Atrociraptor.

The dinosaurs are made from quality steel structure, high-density sponge and three-layer silicone and each come with one infrared sensor, one remote control, one speaker with volume control and built in amplifier and woofer. The control box operates sound and movement separately for each dinosaur, the movements can include mouth opening and closing, eyes blinking, head left to right, neck up and down, stomach breathing, fore claws moving and tail swinging. In addition to the dinosaurs there is a brand new and unused baby raptor hand puppet, quantities of camouflage netting and Astro turf. 

The successful completion of several other campaigns means they are also able include SPIRIT a fantastic sculptural art installation by New Substance which has previously been displayed in Leeds train station and Victoria Quarter. Again, new in 2022, the Easter Egg Hunt Trail comes with 12 individually decorated eggs, Easter bunny hut and photo opportunity props. There are three 40ft high cube shipping containers available and a 20ft events container which has been adapted with Perspex windows suitable for a variety of uses and a 40ft events container again with Perspex windows. 

The view day is Tuesday 6th December from 10am to 4pm. The lots are located across three sites in Leeds, with Lots 1-13 & 15-36 being locared at Copperworks, Haigh Park Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS10 1RT. Lot 14 is by appointment only and Lot 37 is located at 104 Briggate, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 6BG, UK.

The auction closes from 11am Wednesday 7th December 2022 and any enquiries should be directed to Emily Higginbottom on +44 (0)113 221 6210 or

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