Upcoming MOD & Emergency Vehicle Auctions

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Tired of not being able to find a reliable used emergency vehicle auction near you? We don’t blame you! It can be pretty challenging to find an online auction platform that you can trust to deliver on its promises of varied, affordable, and trustworthy user interactive auctions. This is where Auction News can help. 

We are the UK’s leading online auction platform with more than 30,000 happy subscribers. Out platform helps professional auctioneers connect with the right bidders and vice versa. We offer our auctioneers the benefit of a user-friendly, convenient, and comprehensive platform to promote their auctions while bidders can browse our auction listings to find, bid, and purchase the products that they want or need with ease. 

Professional MOD and Emergency Vehicle Auctions 

At Auction News, we want our bidders to have easy access to premium-quality auction products that are within their budget. We offer you an optimized digital auction platform that is ideal for both novice and experienced bidders. We only work with the UK’s finest and most professional auctioneers to offer you access to affordable MOD and emergency vehicles. 

Here’s an overview of some of the products that you can expect to find in Auction News’ MOD and emergency vehicle auction listings sourced from Government Departments, MoD, Fire & Rescue, Health Authorities, National Companies, Commercial Corporations, Major Fleet Users, Contractors, Disposal Agencies, etc: 

  • MoD Land Rovers
  • Recovery Trucks
  • Truck Mounted Forklifts
  • Incident Support Units
  • Military Vehicles
  • Patrol Vehicles
  • Armoured & Combat Vehicles
  • Police Cars 
  • Fire Engines
  • Ambulances

Why Choose Auction News? 

Auction News offers an unrivalled digital auction platform to both bidders and auctioneers. We have more than 60 years invaluable industry experience that enables us to understand and cater to the needs of our subscribers. 

We truly believe that our dedication sets us apart from the competition. We are a proud family-owned business with highly proficient, trained and loyal staff. We strive day in and out to offer you the support you need to have a profitable and pleasant auction experience. 

Whether it’s a MOD vehicle disposal or a police car auction, we make sure that our bidders can find what they need via our accessible digital auction platform. Plus, we make all bidding processes as straightforward, interactive, and convenient as possible. 

At Auction News, not only do we look after our bidders, but we also facilitate all our auctioneers with our bidsmart software bidsmartsolutions.com which includes seamless all-on-one auction marketing, bid hosting, and post-sale auction management. We connect you with thousands of ready and eager bidders who trust us to offer them easy access to your products. 

If you’re looking to source the finest emergency vehicle and used MOD vehicle auctions in the UK, look no further than Auction News. You can email our team at info@auctionnews.com or use the live chat feature on our website to learn everything you need to know about our service. Rest assured, we will do our utmost to answer all your queries promptly and diligently.

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