Upcoming Agriculture Auctions

Agriculture and farming use as much as 69% of all available land in the UK. Food plays a big part in British culture and to meet the ever-growing demand for produce, farmers are constantly having to invest in newer, more modern equipment to keep up. With the huge amount of equipment required for each farming process, this can quickly become very costly.

The Auction News team provides access to a broad range of upcoming farming and agricultural auctions including tractor auctions, trailer auctions, farm auctions, and many more.

Browse our agriculture and farm auctions by region, by the auctioneer, or by type of lot to find your perfect items to bid on. Our listed auctions offer a variety of both common and specialist agricultural equipment, including:

Groundcare and Forestry Auctions

These auctions provide access to high-quality groundcare and forestry equipment including dumper trucks, chainsaws, logging machinery, foraging machinery, and more to ensure your farmland receives the best possible care and treatment. Investing in premium farming equipment will help your production processes to run more quickly and more efficiently.

Farm Machinery and Equipment Auctions

We promote auctions providing everything you could possibly need to get your farm up and running, including plant equipment, milking equipment, irrigation equipment, farm vehicles and tractors, cultivation equipment, combine harvesters, and much more.

Auction News for Farming Equipment

For over sixty years, our in-house team has dedicated themselves to working with professional auctioneers throughout the UK that specialise in the sale of agricultural and farming equipment, plant machinery and industrial vehicles. We work with many of the most well-established auctioneers dealing in a variety of farm equipment auctions, including Thainstone Specialist Auctions (TSA), Thimbleby & Shorland, and many more.

Auction News customers have access to a wide range of live auctions at any given time. With a choice of agricultural auctions being conducted on a monthly basis, along with those hard-to-find one-off farm dispersal auctions, Auction News customers can find the agricultural machines and farming equipment they need at a more affordable price.

When you create an account with Auction News, you can ensure you never miss your ideal auctions or lots with bespoke category and keyword e-alerts as well as auction watchlists.

If you have any questions about creating your Auction News account, or would like any further information about any of our agricultural and farm equipment auction listings, please get in touch by emailing us at info@auctionnews.com and we’ll be happy to help with your query.

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