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By Order of Graham & Brown Ltd surplus equipment available due to the re-organisation of their production facilities

Over 650 lots of high quality equipment inc:

Machine Tools / Woodworking / Sheet metal

  • Ajax single spindle bench drill, 270x270mm RF table, 475-1850rpm

  • Archdale 36” radial arm drill, 36x22” RF table, 210-1627rpm

  • Chester type 842VF vertical milling machine, powerfeed, 49x9” table, GT DRO, 50-3500rpm (2008)

  • CVA 3HP No2 model E vertical mill, 52x12” bed, 25-1000rpm

  • Startrite 1018M horizontal bandsaw with roller feed (2007)

  • Colchester Triumph 2000 gap bed centre lathe, 7.5” CH x 50” b.c., 25-2000rpm

  • Colchester Mascot 1600 gap bed lathe, 9.5” CH x 80” b.c., 20-1600rpm, Electronica DRO

  • Colchester Master 2500 gap bed lathe, 6.5CH x 24” b.c., 30-2500rpm, Electronica DRO

  • Qty various DE grinders, polishers etc

  • SAC CS40 table saw, 320mm blade, 1800x1600mm table (2002)

  • Sedgwick thicknesser / planer, 400mm wide capacity

  • Elektra Beckum Bandsage BA5315/4WN55 vertical bandsaw, 300mm throat, 550x400mm table, 240v with extraction

  • FSM 200 321 morticer, 150x400mm table, 240v (2004).

  • Dewalt DW729 cross cut table saw, 350mm dia blade (2000)

  • Virutex PEB250 portable hot melt edgebander, 240v

  • DCS woodworking extraction unit, single bag with control

  • Cemont mig 350 welder with wire feed. Murex trades mig 280-3 mig welder

  • Various engineering shop equipment inc: workbenches, cupboards, extractions, bar racks / stock, bottle trolleys, pipe benders, stores racking / wall type plastic storage bin racks, pipe fittings, power tools etc

Compressors / Balers / Compactors / Generators

  • Gardner Denver type VS55-10A variable speed rotary packaged compressor, 10bar, 55kW, GD Pilot TS control (2023)

  • Almig Belt 76-8 rotary packaged compressor, 75kW, 8bar, 3000rpm (2012)

  • HPC PlusAir C591 screw compressor, 7.5bar, Sigma control

  • Beko Drypoint DPRA 1080/AC compressor air dryer (2022).

  • Floor type air receiver. Air Power Centre air receiver.

  • 2x Keljay Ltd KJHD3000 factory waste compactors with control (2013)

  • 2x Kelwick Engineering 300 Series factory waste compactors with Delta Neu JC30/1500 extraction

  • Di Com 1300mm wide powered belt conveyor fed waste compactor with scales

  • Kel-Pack Model BCOXL general site waste compactor

  • SMB EPD2140-15M 142kva standby generator, 109 hours on skids (2001)

  • Dale G190CNE 175kva standby generator, 180 hours (spares or repair)

Production Process Equipment

  • 2x Stork SCR85 double ended rotary screen ending machines, adjustable width, heated

  • 2x Eiger Torrance model 50HP HYD HSD TFV powered mixers, adjustable height (2001)

  • 5x Eiger Torrance etc 1T powered mixers, adjustable height (1996) & similar smaller mixer

  • Greaves V-HSD 60 powered mixer, adjustable height

  • GSE Coloursat compact paint dispensing system, software controls, 8 stations with diaphragm pumps (2008)

  • 6 station mixing system with digital scales / weigh station

  • Mathis labdryer single drawdown oven with control

  • Dalmec type PMC floor mounted manipulator, 35kg SWL (2008)

  • 3x Russell compact sieve on mobile frame with diaphragm pump (2021)

  • G-Tech type NSV2002 400hr capacity barrel wash, 13kW (2006)

  • Stainless steel water based barrel wash, ultrasonic, heated

  • JM Heaford stainless steel heated top loading cylinder wash, variable temperature & time control. Technijet model SW107 stainless steel tunnel wash (2007)

  • 2x stainless steel front loading screen dmm wash units. 2x wash / spray booths

  • Qty various Graco Fast-Flo pumps. MEK Booth.

  • 2x Heidelberg type TO automatic label printers

  • Qty various plastic storage tubs in forkable stackable metal frames

  • Qty various size plastic storage tubs, etc


  • Leica M205C stereo microscope with Leica DFC450 camera

  • Mettler Toledo fire easy PH meter

  • Horiba Partica LA-950V2 laser scattering particle size distribution analyser (2007)

  • Silverson L5M-A high shear laboratory mixer

  • Brookfield DX3TRVKBO rheometer with RV spindle set

  • Perkin Elmer FT-IR spectrometer frontier with universal ATR sampling accessory

  • Verivido tabletop lightbox

  • Edwards RV3 rotary vane pump

Factory Plant / Miscellaneous

  • Karcher Professional HD5501C steam cleaner

  • Nilfisk MC6P power washer. Various floor mounted metal pedestrian factory barriers

  • Nilfisk Alto Neptune 4 diesel power washer, 55kW (2007)

  • 3x single girder gantries with GIS 500kg electric chain hoist, pendant control (1999)

  • 2x overhead monorail crane systems, single girder track with electric chain hoists, pendant control. 6 pillar gantry, twin rail with 2x Demag electric chain hoists, 500kg SWL

  • 200+ bays of Dexion, Ramada, Link 51 etc heavy duty boltless pallet racking, multishelf, some with guard rails / boards

  • Various safety steps, 2400mm wide fume extraction booth etc

  • Contents of stores inc: machine spares, motors, gearboxes, rollers, belts, bearings, seals, pneumatic fittings, valves, sprockets, chain, transmission products, ducting, cable, drives, fuses, electrical & mechanical spares etc

  • Qty various Nilfisk etc industrial factory cleaners, Clarke Air industrial factory fans (to 2021) etc

  • Offices inc: desks, chairs, cupboards, pedestals, sofas, meeting rooms, workstations etc

  • Qty Probe personnel lockers

  • True Display cabinet serving station, canteen tables, vending machines etc

  • JLA Industrial washing machine & Primus dryer, etc.

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