Upcoming Food & Beverage Production Auctions

As the food industry continues to thrive throughout Britain, the demand for food and beverage production equipment and machinery has never been greater. From small-scale companies to large factory settings, you’ll have the potential to find what you need at one of the food and beverage production auction lots we’re able to provide access to.

With a wide range of food and beverage auction lots available, you’re likely to find specialist products and equipment that will help your business operations run smoothly and all for a potentially reasonable price.

Working With the Very Best UK Auctioneers

Auction News is proud to be able to offer some of the very best auction lots, all available from our extensive list of trusted auctioneers. We’ll provide you with the access you need to be able to bid on specialist machinery where you’ll potentially be able to buy equipment that’ll improve productivity and efficiency throughout your business for a reasonable price.

Whether you’re looking to kit out your factory with packaging equipment or replace broken machines with either a new or used alternative, we’ll have you covered when you’re granted access to the food and beverage production auction lots our auctioneers have available. As well as packaging equipment, you’ll also have the potential to bid on, and subsequently purchase the following:

- Microbrewery equipment
- Bottling equipment
- Factory line equipment
- Mill machines
- Conveyor machines
- Meat processing machinery
- Mixing equipment
- Industrial ovens
- Industrial cookers
- Industrial fridges
- Industrial freezers
- Industrial fryers

As well as the aforementioned products, you’ll be able to find a variety of other food and beverage equipment and machinery through one of our reputable auctioneers. Whether you own an independent microbrewery or a large food or beverage production factory, you’ll be able to find a product that’ll enhance operations throughout your company when using one of the auction lots Auction News will be able to provide access to.

How Auction News Can Help You

Auction News is a family-run business with a wealth of experience in the auction industry. We’re proud to provide customers with unrivaled customer service, ensuring you’re granted access to an auction lot that’ll potentially suit both your needs and your budget. Having operated for over sixty years, we have acquired the knowledge and expertise required to be able to offer specialist help, advice, and guidance to our customers when you need it most.

Whether it’s your first time bidding on products for your business or you’ve been doing it for years, our team of professionals will be able to provide you access to some of the best auction lots available, all with the potential to offer you the perfect solution.

For more information about how our dedicated team of specialists here at Auction News will be able to help you, get in touch via our contact us page, or by sending us an email to info@auctionnews.com. Alternatively, if you would like to get started as soon as possible, create an account with us online today, at a time to suit you.
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