Wholesale, Retail & Distribution Auctions

Up until the pandemic struck in spring 2020, auctions of retail and wholesale stock had been on the increase in recent years as retailers realised that auction channels provided an efficient way to dispose of end of line goods and customer returns. This in turn provided potential bidders with many more great opportunities to buy well-known brands of end of line and excess stock from major high street retailers at knockdown prices.

As we emerge from lockdown and life gradually returns to normal, we predict the auction industry is going to be very busy. So if you are the type of person who loves the excitement of online bidding and the satisfaction of winning a bid at a bargain price, then look no further than Auction News for all your retail sports and leisure goods auctions. The thrill and the buzz of the auction is an experience you won’t want to miss! 

Here are just a few examples of items we’ve listed in recent auctions of retail, wholesale, and distribution goods and equipment: 
  • John Lewis Pallets Of Raw Customer Returns
    (Premium Small Domestic Appliances, Toys and Furniture) 
  • Boxes Of Raw Customer Returns (Premium Audio and TV Equipment) 
  • Pallets Of Raw Customer Returns (Standard PC Accessories) 
  • Boxes Of Raw Customer Returns (Standard Jewellery) 
  • Large Quantity of Boxed Unused Mainly Grade A Refurbished White Goods/ Electrical Appliances, Electrical Items & Furniture sourced from BrightHouse 
  • Children’s Toy Stock 
  • Undelivered Parcels 
  • Lost Property 
  • Pet Care Products

Working with Leading UK Auctioneers

With over 63 years of trading history, Auction News has long-standing relationships with many of the UK’s leading and most trusted professional auctioneers, promoting their auctions across the whole of the UK and Europe. 

Auction News will provide you with access to many of the best wholesale auctions, retail auctions, and distribution auctions currently available. What’s more, if you have a requirement for other types of goods like machinery, equipment, or vehicles, simply use the category filters at the top of the page to view our comprehensive list of auctions in over forty different industry sectors. Alternatively, opt in to our e-alerts from your user dashboard and you will automatically be notified of auctions in your selected categories of interest. 

Many of the items available in our retail auctions auction listings come from major manufacturers and high street retailers such as John Lewis, Marks and Spencer, and Clarkes selling top household name branded goods.

How Auction News Can Help You

For further details on how Auction News can help, get in touch by emailing us at info@auctionnews.com. Alternatively, why not Create an Account today and get browsing and bidding straight away.

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