Upcoming IT & Office Equipment Auctions

Furnish your new business office or spruce up your current space with our IT and office auctions. Whatever business you’re in, your office is likely to be a hub of activity for your accounting, communications, sales work, and beyond. Whether your office is based in an independent building, on-site, or at home, you will need high-quality furniture and equipment to optimise your staff’s productivity and efficiency.

In our IT and Office Auctions, you’ll find a wealth of items to keep your office space up to date, including -

Computing Auctions

Old technology can slow down processes and take up precious working hours. Our IT auctions provide access to products from well-known brands in the world of computing, including Apple Macs, HP computers and printers, Epson projectors, Dell PCs, and more. Through our auctions, you will gain access to new and refurbished monitors, computer towers, laptops, mice and keyboards, and all manner of computing accessories to get your business up and running both efficiently and cost-effectively.

Network and Telecoms Auctions

Communication is at the heart of every business. From landline phones and headsets to cabling and accessories, all the technology you need to keep in touch with your customers and stakeholders is in our network and telecoms or mobiles and tablets auction listings.

Office Furniture and Equipment Auctions

Office ergonomics are important, especially if you have to look at a computer screen from nine to five. Ensuring that both yourself and your staff have comfortable and supportive furniture is important for health and safety purposes, as well as creating a better, less distracting work atmosphere. Poor quality office furniture can lead to an increase in days off sick for aches and pains or cause a decrease in staff motivation.

Our office furniture and equipment auctions offer everything you need to make your office both comfy and functional, from ergonomic chairs and desks to sleek meeting room furniture and equipment such as conference tables and whiteboards.

Auction News for IT and Office Auctions

The Auction News team has over sixty years of experience working with auctions across a variety of sectors. We bring you the latest updates from well-known auctioneers offering premium IT and office equipment in the UK and beyond.

Creating an account enables you to set up e-alerts and watchlists for auctions and specific lots, so you will be among the first to know when a particular item goes up for auction. If you would like any further information about our upcoming IT and office auctions, please get in touch.

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